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With billions of active users, Facebook Messenger is undoubtedly one of the giants in the messaging app arena. It seamlessly integrates with your Facebook account and offers a wide range of features, including voice and video calls, group chats, and easy access to your contacts.

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So you might be wanting to go ahead andchange your language on messenger nowdoing this is actually very very basicand it really doesn’t take too much timeSo within the master application thereare tons there’s tons and tons of thingsthat you can change and choose but thevery first thing you’re going to want todo is on your iPhone you want to changethe language of your specific deviceso what you can do is you can make yourway over to your settings applicationyou then want to basically scroll downuntil you see General right hereand then what you want to do is you wantto scroll down until you see somethingthat says languageso you can see right here language andregion you want to go and tap onlanguage and region and you want tochange your region right here to adifferent countryso even if you have an Android deviceyou want to go and find those languagechanges you want to go and find thatlanguage option within your settingspanel and you should then be able to goahead and basically change that languageof your device and just like soso now what you can do is you can let’ssay change your language or your regionto a different areaso now what you can do is you can choosesomething like Serbia you can chooseRwanda just Poland any country that’savailable within your language youshould be able to choose here and that’spretty much all you’re going to have todo now when you’re done you want to goand choose that different language youcan go and hop out and from here you cango and choose a different areaso now what you want to do is you canbasically go back into your Messenger application
So you can tap right intohere you can choose messenger you canchoose whatever you want to and that’sbasically all you’re going to have to dofrom there your Messenger applicationshould change and the language shouldnow be updated so that pretty muchcovers it up if you have any otherthoughts or questions let me know in thecomment section below hit the likebutton that’ll be so much but definitelyhit that subscribe button moreimportantly with everything I also loveevery single one of you guys hopefullyI’ll catch you guys in the next articles peace outthank you.

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