5 Messenger Features You Must Know In 2024

5 Messenger Features You Must Know In 2024

The Outline of the Article

If you are using Facebook Messenger, then here are five new features that make Facebook Messenger useful for you, which are very useful for you in day to day life, which are related to privacy and which are very useful for you in day to day life. Now Start with Facebook Messenger and it has some privacy related features. If you use Facebook messenger, then this feature is enabled, now if you have any problem, then in my account, my messenger is running, it is running smoothly, the message is falling in the background.

The Messenger¬† Privacy and Safety, click here, click here, click on this option, now click on this, click here, click on this, click here If you want to delete your message, click on ‘Create Data PIN’ option and then click on ‘Create PIN’ option and then click ‘Change PIN’ or ‘Reset your PIN’. When to log into a new mobile, try to send a message, if suddenly this PIN is changed, set the PIN, create your data PIN, remember this very important thing.

If you do not want to send a message, then this is the PIN. Give a description, generate a character code, click on this code, now this code will prompt you to enter the message, if the message is not there, then if your PIN or code does not work, then keep it safe and secure now. These two features are being added to the messenger, my friend, you find it very useful, this feature to the messenger is that you can read anyone’s message, you can read the messages of anyone.

Now if you send a message then you will be able to read it. Double tick is done when the message becomes gray so that you can see the message under this feature then click on privacy as a safe click on the three lines of the messenger then click on this button and then click on this feature. This feature is very useful, now the feature of adding three numbers to the messenger seems very useful. With the messenger, I have brought the future with you.

I don’t want to send any message to anyone but give my message. Now type note is in business. You can easily sign up for A Plus by clicking on taking notes, writing a diary, writing high notes with emojis, just clicking on it, now you can send messages to four numbers on the messenger and get information about the features. Hacking or Cracking can be avoided by any means as you know that nowadays messengers send different types of links, but now we have to know which type of link is there, what kind of link is sent to you, then you can use messenger from one browser.

If you do not want to do this, if the link comes to the messenger or if it is dangerous, click again, open the messenger, go to three lines, go to Settings, Settings, Privacy as a safe policy, now click on this, so that the browser does not open the link. The best feature of Benzer is that you can use it very well, especially if you are a girl and you have many people, you can send any type of message to an unknown person, you can also send a message to a friend, you can stop sending the message, you can send it to a friend by bike.

To know how to read the message, go to the message directory and click on the three lines next to Settings. Now click on this option, click on this option, second option, click on second option, click on last option, click on the last option, click on this option, select the first list, select the message.

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