7 Best Ways to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working

7 Best Ways to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working

Outline of the Article

       Facebook Messenger is one of the most widely used messaging apps today when all of a sudden the sounds won’t go off the chat heads won’t appear when a new message comes through or it suddenly just won’t load in this article we will show 7 quick and easy ways to get Messenger to work again.


The first thing you should do when messenger stops working is to restart your device this is a go-to fix for a reason. It almost always works when your phone is constantly on and running. All the files and data needed to load apps faster can clog your phone’s system this can result in apps like Messenger not working. The way they’re supposed to clear your phone’s system all you need to do is restart it.

         Begin by closing the Messenger app and turning off your device like you normally would keep it switched off for at least 15 seconds before switching it back. Once the device is powered up relaunch the Messenger app and see whether that fixes the issue. Another quick way to get Messenger to work again is to clear the app’s cache similar to restarting your phone.

        This method clears any data that’s causing glitches within the Messenger app. Note that clearing the app’s cache only removes temporary files so you won’t need to sign in and set up Messenger again after you’ve done this method. How you clear Messenger’s cache differs depending on your device.

        If you’re using an iphone or an ipad here’s you should do go to settings then scroll down to general, select iphone storage. When the page has loaded, select the Messenger App from the list of installed apps on the apps page. Tap offload app once you’ve offloaded the Messenger App, you can reinstall it from the app store. If you have an android device here’s how you can clear the Messenger app cache launch settings and then open apps and notifications.

        On other devices this section is labeled apps or applications. Select Messenger, tap on storage and cache, press clear cache. You can then relaunch Messenger once you’ve cleared the app cache. If restarting your phone and clearing the app cache didn’t work, try checking your internet connection.

         Network connections are known to fluctuate and experience hiccups every now and then when this happens it can affect the way mobile apps like Messenger perform. If you’re experiencing issues with your wifi connection try turning off your modem for at least 15 seconds and then turning it back on and while you’re at it it’s best to also check if your modem has any hardware issues.

        If you’re using mobile data, check if you haven’t gone over your plan’s data budget yet the fourth troubleshooting option is to turn off and or focus mode on your device. IOS devices let you switch to do not disturb or focus mode. With this feature enabled your apps will stay on mute and you won’t get notifications until you switch this mode. Off this will mute Messenger Chat heads as well luckily it’s incredibly easy to turn off.

        Focus Mode on an IOS device access the control centre by swiping up from the bottom of your screen or swiping down from the top right corner. Tap on the do not disturb icon to turn it off. Google has also added a version of do not disturb under android 9 iteration that silence has calls messages and banner notifications.

        To turn this off go to settings and tap on notifications or sound and vibration. Select do not disturb then tap on the toggle next to do not disturb. To turn it off alternatively you can summon your smart assistant to disable do not disturb.

    Tip number five is to update the appsometimes using an outdated version ofthe messenger app can cause it tomal function. So, if it’s been a while since you last updated the app the simple solution is to install the latest  app update through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


For android users here are the steps to follow launch the Google Play Store app on your device, tap on your account icon in the top right corner from the menu select manage apps and device tap on updates available look for the Messenger App from the list of pending updates and tap on the update button beside it. If you’re using an iphone or an ipad, update Messenger app by following these steps :

        1. Open the Apple App Store on your device, tap on your account icon along the top of the screen look for the Messenger App on the list, then select the update button next to it.

        2. Once your device is done installing the app update launch Messenger again to see, if it’s now working properly.

      Tip number six update your device’s OS sometimes bugs within the OS can also affect the performance of your apps. For instance, when IOS 15 was newly launched, users reported that message previews on Messenger were not showing up. This only goes to show how important it is.

       To install software updates when they become available for your device before you do though don’t forget to backup all your important files and data first especially. If you’re installing a major update on IOS. You can update your device by following these steps:

    Make sure your device is plugged in and connected to wifi, then go to settings and tap general, select software update tap on either download and install or install. Now on android, here’s how to update your OS connect your device to a wi-fi network. Head over to settings and then select system, tap on system update.

      If an update is available you’ll see download and install simply tap on it depending on how major the update is. It can take a few minutes to around half an hour for your OS to finish updating, you’ll know the update has been installed once your phone boots back up, In case all the previous troubleshooting methods.

       Don’t work your last resort is to reset all settings some of your phone’s settings might be what’s causing messenger to act up so. It’s best to start from scratch. If nothing so far has worked, this method erases all of your sound network display and custom settings after the reset.

        However all your files and apps remain intact. To reset all settings on an android device, open the settings app then scroll down to general management navigate to and tap on reset, select reset all settings. On an iphone or ipad, open settings and head over to general, scroll down and select transfer or reset iphone or ipad, tap on reset and choose reset all settings and there you have it those are 7 incredibly easy ways to fix Messenger.

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