How to Fix: Message Failed To Send iPhone FB Messenger Delivered Problem

How to Fix: Message Failed To Send iPhone FB Messenger Delivered Problem

What’s up everyone welcome to thischannel and today in this video we willtalk aboutyour masses is not being delivered onyour facebook messengerso recently people have reported thattheir message not being delivered theycan’t send the messageand sometimes what happens they actuallycan’t i mean their message is being sentbut this you know mark right next to themessage is not being filled up so ifyou’re having any problemrelated to your message not sending onyour messenger and this is the video foryou because in this video i’m going togo ahead and show you how you can fixthis problemnow before i show you.

The main processhere is what you need to understandfirst off this problem mainly happensbecause of your internet related issueokay so if you have thebad or let’s say slow internet problemon your android or iphonethe problem can happen now the firstthing i want you guys to do is simplego ahead and do a troubleshoot for yournetwork either for your iphone or yourandroid okayall you got to do on your iphone orandroid is to just swap it down from thetopand go ahead and turn on your airplanemode andwait around 10 second and then go aheadand turn it offand afterward go ahead and open up yourany browser

Which is available on yourdevicejust to check whether it is working ornot i mean your internet is loading anypage or not so if it’s youryour internet is working fine now let’sgo ahead and just try sendingmasses on your messenger just to checkwhether it’s working or notall right guys now the second way to fixyour problemis you simply can update your messengerto fix that problemnow to do that process obviously all yougot to do just go ahead and open up youreitherplay store for your android or app storefor your iphone okay nowjust go ahead and tap search and typemessengernow afterward go ahead and check whetheryour messenger applicationhas new software available or not now ifyou get the new updateyou will see the update right over hereafterwards go ahead and tapupdate to update your messenger to thelatest versionto fix your problem now let’s see updown updating your software as well butit’s stillyou’re having problem

With yourmessenger then the next things you gotto do you got to checkwhether the user have blocked you or notokay soi’m going to go ahead and show you someexamples right here so if somebodyblocks you then you will see this errorright herewhich says this person is not availableon your messenger okay so that meansit can mean that person has theactivities account orcan block you okay so if that person dothat start to say you won’t be able toyou know takes them or you can even beable to mess with themon your messenger okay now guys evenafter that if you’restill having the same problem and youcan’t still figure out what to do to fixyour problemlast but not least guys you can try yousimply canreport the problem to facebook authorityto fix

Your problem now how to do thatit’s really simple the first things yougot to do just go ahead and open up yourmessenger applicationsand then go ahead and open up theconversation or the or depression thatyou’re trying to takeand then if you can’t you know takes himor her all you gotta do is go ahead andtake a screenshotand then all you can do just go aheadand tap back and come on the mainsurface of your messenger applicationtap on your profile and then scroll downto the bottomand go ahead and tap report a problemand then it will come to this page andall you want to do is go ahead and tapon thisgallery option and you can simply youknow add your screenshot to this listand then go ahead and type the reportand just tell them what type of problemyou’re currently facing now let’s sayyou have a message problem

So you cansay i have a message problem for exampleall right guys now after typing thearticle or writing the articlego ahead and tap send then your feedbackwill get back to your facebook andhopefullythey will take an action for thisprocess okay so these are the thingsguys you can apply on your messengerespecially for having problem related tonot to send any message to your friendsalright guys so that’s all about thisvideoif you liked it leave a like andsubscribe to the channel to get morefuturistic videofor any social media that you’recurrently using thanks for watching andsee you guys soon.

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