How to Fix Messenger Connecting Problem

        How to Fix Messenger Connecting Problem

The Outline of the Article

           If you face Messenger connecting problem then fix this Messenger connecting problem in your Android mobile Like you have any device mobile, etc. You have to open the settings of the mobile, after opening it, you all have to go away. From here you have to open the search bar, then you have to search for the apps there. If you do not find the apps, then in the search bar. If you have to search, so go to the search apps.


        Other way, you can go to the apps option. After going to the apps option, you have to find the messenger there or you can search above the major application. Then you have to just Click there at hat option. Then you have to just click the storage cache option, there you have to click on the option of storage and cache. Then after clicking there you have to clear cache once from your messenger application. Then you have to just go back from there.
         Now again after going back from there, just look there and Go back again from there. Then you have  just go to your mobile settings,  just Turn off your WiFi connection and data connection. If you are connected to WiFi there, then Turn off WiFi. If your mobile data is connected then turn off mobile data. After that turn on airplane mode from there. Just turn on your airplane mode option, then turn off your airplane mode.

          Turn on your data again, then go to back and clear there all and just open your Play Store application. After doing all these steps, open the Play Store application then search Messenger, that Messenger will come. If you see update in Messenger then update it directly. If find any update Messenger application then update and it will be open. Then you will see there.

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