How to Turn Off Message Delivered Tick Marks on Messenger !

How to turn off message delivery tickmarks on messenger hi everyone welcomeback to my channel I am bimo from appguide and in today’s video I’ll simplyshow you how you can actually turn offmessages delivered tick marks onmessenger so just make sure to watchthis video till the end now the issueover here seems to be that when somebodysends you a message of course you’ve notread them but it is also going to letthem know that if you get a notificationthat you’ve most likely seen the messagebut it’s not been opened by you so itmeans that the message has beendelivered so it will just show thedouble check mark icon so how can youturn

This off sometimes it can beuncomfortable for your own use now it’sactually different from the scene statusthat I’m talking about so you have to bevery careful on this one the ones I’mtalking about are this now this oneright over here is basically actuallythe scene mark because you can see theprofile picture from the bottom right ofthat message but the other ones rightover here could be a let’s say adelivered check mark because you can seethis delivered double check icon whichhas a shade to it it means that themessage has been delivered to thatperson but it’s not been opened by themyet so how do you turn this thing offfor

Yourself when somebody sends you amessage well the very first thing youhave to do is there are a couple ofwhich you work around this I’m going toget you all of this some may work andsome may not work but 90 of the time allof the processes that I’m going to showyou are basically going to work so firstthings first just tap on the three linesfrom the top right and then tap on thegear icon and then here you want to goto active status and then simply turnoff when you’re active so just go aheadand choose until you change it or so onso just turn off your active status nowthis will turn off the active status butof course it’s not going to get the turnof the delivered messages section theother thing you have to do is mostlikely if it’s just a specific personthat you don’t want to actually show

Thedelivered check marks to you can justlong press on here you can actually havetwo options one is just simply tap onthe option called restrict so you canjust go ahead and tap on the restrictoption and what you said is that it’sgoing to restrict and then move thischat out of sight at the same time it isalso not going to let them know that themessage has actually been deliveredbecause this is one of the cool ways tofigure it out so you have to Simply tapon the restrict button now it will bemoved to the restrict apps so wheneverthey send you a message of course it’snot going to be delivered to you if youwould like to unrestrict that personwhat you want to do is you have toswitch for the name manually and onceyou search for the name manually overhere you’ll be able to find theirprofile and just like that you’ll beable to unrestrict them if you wanted itto but keep in mind that restrictingthem

Will actually most likely removethe chat out of your site so you justhave to tap on the ownership button youwill still receive messages from thisperson but they will not know that themessage has been delivered this is oneof the cool ways to do it the otherthing you can do is if the restrictingoption does not work for you what youcan try to do is just simply open upsettings and then you have to go toNotifications once you go toNotifications and select appnotifications and turn off notificationsfor Messenger this will not let themknow that the message has actually beendelivered as well so when you turn offnotification other thing you can do isyou have to go to the app icon

And longpress on it and tap on I button once yougo to the app information page you cansee permissions at the very top once yougo to permission you have to scroll Downand you can see pause app activity onhere so you want to make sure thatsomebody turn this on and after thatwhat you want to do is here you’ll findall those options and here you’ll alsofind the option called mobile data sojust go ahead and tap on mobile data andhere you want to Simply turn off allowbackground data usage because if themessage has been delivered when youchange the software is most likely notgoing to let them know that the messagehas been sent and delivered andhopefully one of these Solutions mayhave worked for you if it did work foryou then make sure to leave a like Andsubscribe to our Channel if you have gotany more questions feel free to leavethem down thank you very much forwatching and see you soon in our next.

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