Trillian Messenger App Review And Settings

Trillian Messenger App Review And Settings

Hi this is Corey from hot gadget comm we’ll be reviewing the Trilli app from cerulean studios today so let’s jumpri into it so you turn it on and you see your Astr login so we’re going to go ahead and click on that Trillia has been pretty much requiring people to use a Astr login to have all their aim accounts and yahoo account sell in one place for them for the irco veni nc so you can see the fir setthing that shows up is your contact list and there’s me so usually you’ll have

All year aim your guy who so forth you know you’ve got a search bar look through them all let’s go to the next thing you have favorit I don’t have any favori and then your chat log and we’ll get to that actually let’s open that up so this is what a chat menu actually looks like and I’m gonna goa head and send myself a message and there it is you talking to myself we can go ahead and reply back and it’s just like the original Trilli.

Desktop application all the same sounds and so forth go back so what it looks like in the chat log and then we have accounts on the end so you can set your stat us the online away visit invisible you can mess with some of the settings in here you can change the display name I guess that’s not really important what message you want to put for when you’re away and then finally the accounts you have under this ashtray login so I can show you what it’s supported you click little plus button and click type. messenger

And you can see we have a mace book Google I see huge ever my space and Windows in Yahoo all pretty much standard logins for people that are doing chat instant messenger chatting and so it’s pretty much basic information you know you want to add in and stuff like that some other stuff that is not in the app itself go to Settings scroll down a little bit Trilli and then you can turn on avatars you can turn them off let’s turn it off and I’ll show you what it looks like you can hide your offline contacts you can show them.

You can group them together you can sort your contacts in a special way there’ so nl two way sturn on landscape you can turn on to correct if you want what else you got sounds you got vibrate pretty much al of settings that are normal to a mobile instant messaging program basically what is exciting what i sex pe so alright go back and checkout change again so when you close ita then you open back up it’ll star tres from what you were originally logged into an Ast as you can see that the avatars gone that I changed if you want to switch accounts.

You can have up you can have multiple Ast accounts on this this app so if you wanted to switch you just click Sign Out they would sign you out just as you were logging in can add a new account so you can even register for account from here also so you have any more questions or any comments anything you want to know specif call about this app or any other apps you want me to review just go ahead and leave it in the comments section ord me a line in the About section on Pot giet calm so this has been Corey from gadget comm thanks