Why Can’t I Send Messages On Messenger?

So you might be wondering why you can’tsend Messages on Messenger I’m going towalk you through a few different stepsthat you can go through to definitelyget that fixed now let’s open upmessenger first and if you’re trying tosend any messages on here it could benot delivering the message or notshowing up at all when you hit send it’sjust not showing up there are a fewdifferent things that we can do let’shop out of here and open up Safari andwe’re just gonna try to type in speedtestand do a Google search for speed testnow

L’m going to run a quick speed testand make sure that you have fast enoughinternet to be able to send any of themessages on messenger if that looks goodanything you say faster than fivemegabytes per second then you’re good togo and the next thing that we’ll do iswe’ll type in is Messengerdown now we want to make sure I’ll tapon down detector here we want to makesure that the messenger app itself isnot down and that’s not the reason whyyou’re not able to send any messagesand if we scroll down here you can seethere’s no big spikes in reportedoutages on Facebook Messenger so that’snot the issue if you do see a bunch ofspikes and a bunch of reported outagesthat’s the reason and you’ll just haveto wait until messenger goes back up andthe servers get back up and runningnow the last thing that you can do is atop out of here

And open up our settingsand we’ll tap on General and then iPhonestoragenow this will load up all of our appsand we will find messenger on heresomewhereand scroll down somewhere on here shouldbe messenger there it isso we want to offload this app and thenreinstall the app and basically whatthis does is it resets and forceinstalls a new version of messenger soyou get the latest version and a lot oftimes it fixes any kind of glitches itclears the cache and is just a goodthing to do to fix any different kind ofapp once that’s reinstalled then we canalways just go back into messenger andyou should be able to send and receiveany messages you want hope this helpsthanks for your time today and I’ll seeyou on the next one.

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