Line Messenger

The most popular messaging application in the world if you ever been to thail and you will probably know what i’m talking about yes you guessed it right we will talk about line today so the first thing guys we will do is to install the application if you don the application in your phone just go to the play store and in the search bar you will search line here you can find the line application very easily and then you can press on inst all so as you can see i already have the application installed in my phone so i will just click on open so when we open the application this is the first interface you will see offline application here as you can see there are two options down there one is login in the other one is sign up so if you already have an account you will just click on sign in and then put your user id and password and you can log in but if you don’t have an account then you will pres son sign up for a new account so we will create a new account so we need to preson signup so when we press on sign up uh the next page will show what’s the phone number for this devices it means that you need to put your valid phone number her euh the number which don’t have any account online existing account so i will just click on the continue here you will see you will you need to select the country where you’re staying and then the other thing is that you should select the phone number so as i’m living int hail and right now so i will select thai land and then i will put the phone number here as you can see i put the phone number and there is a message popped up it says that we will send a verification code on this number the number you just put in so the number should be valid i repeat that the number should be weather ed beca use you will receive ansms from a text message from line suh there will be a verification code souh sometimes the verification code is filled auto filled like is you can see on your screen here but sometimes you need to fill it if the sim card is in another phone so you need to fill it after verifying your phone number then the next step is that restore chat history if this number was used for any line account before so you can restore your chat history but we will create a new account so we will skip this part so the next thing is start adding friends in start adding friends you will see two options auto 8 friends allow others to add me so you need to choose uh if you have a contact list and you know there are many people who are on the line application they have accounts so line will access to your contact list and find friends who are already online applications so they will just auto edit they will send invitation the other option is allow others to add me is that the people can add you by the phone number the number you just chose so they can add you by your phone number later on you can create an id i will tell you how to create but her so i will choose only allow others to add mean i will click on the arrow below o guys the next step is to agree to the policy of line just click on agree and on the next page just click on ok and here when you click on ok the line application will need to access to the device location so you can all owall the time allow only while using the application or deny it so uh allow only while using the application you can choose any of the three options i will choose allow all the time and proceed to the next and then we are ready to go your account has been create so guys this is how the first page of the application when you already created your account i will tell you some cool features so stay tuned to the Artical guys let’s talk about some feature so line application so first of all the first thing is you can see this is the home page of line application where you on the top you can see uh the profile and the first feature i want to show you that how to create group online application as you can see there is an option like create a group you will click on create a group and here you will see uh your contact list the friends that you already have online so just choose a few of your friend the one you want to the one you want them to be in that group once you select them just click on next and when you click onnex tthen there is another option where you can select the name of the group i will just name it like games and from here you can even select the different options or here or even you can go down there and choose from the device you can choose any picture from your device or take a picture use your camera or you can use these profile picture swhich already in line application so once you have chose nall those things then just click on the create group options and your group will be create dand an invitation will be sent to the all the people you have selected then they can join accept it or deny it so this is how you can create a group the other option is open chat this is a very cool feature in line application as you can see there are many categories in open chat there are chat rooms where you can just join them and then chat so i will just click on the study once you click on the studies there are many chat rooms that you can join and the one you want to join just click on not this one this one needs a request just want to show you here so this one you can just click on the join and here you can even select a different name and nickname so i will select this one and then you can even select a different picture from here the one which is actually not your profile picture you can select a different picture to join open chat room this is also very cool thing so then you can click on join when you click on join you actually join the the room and here you can just send your messages and and talk to many people who are in this chat room and not your contact list so this is avery cool feature in line application so guys moving forward as you can seethere are many option at the bottom asyou can seehome chats and timeline so we will go tothe timeline hereas you can see there are an option atthe top which is called add story so youcanactually add pictures uh to your storiesas well once you click on the addstories here you will see that you caneven capture a Artical you caneven take a picture and can add a textas wellso once if you want to take um a picturejustclick on it and the picture will betaken there are an optionat the top where you can just add sometext intoyour picture you can draw something andthen you can add some stickers which arevery coolas well so there are many umcool features in this thing where youcan addto your story picture so once you havedone you can just click on the arrow atthe bottom and itwill be posted and your story will bethere for 24 hoursso this is how you can post your storythe other thing is that you want to postsomething to your timeline as you cansee heremany people have posted the the friendswhich are doing their activities on thetimeline you can see themso here just click on the plus sign atthe bottomuh here you can see options like relaycameraand right so if you click on cameraso the camera will be open and as youcan see here are like Artical and you can make Artical or a photo as well so once youclicka picture so there will be again umoption at the top you can add text youcanum just crop your picture and then youcan draw somethingand then you can add some stickers toyour picturesas well so once you have done you canclick on the arrow toedit your timeline or if you don’t wantto edit your timeline there is anoption at the bottom at the left whereyou can justsave this picture to your device as wellsothis is how you can add pictures to yourtimeline guys i hope you liked the Artical for more Artical stay tuned to thechanneland please like and subscribe thechannel thank you so much[Music]foreign